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Myself (left) and my brother Sean

Myself and my brother Sean.

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I am currently freelancing my services full-time--Prospective clients please give me a call or email today.
I am also interested in hearing about full-time opportunities in my field. Please see my contact info to get in touch!



Ryan’s Relevant Experience


Ryan Gallagher is a self-motivated problem solver with a Communication (PR/Journalism) degree from Monmouth University. He has spent his post college years working a full-time Marketing Coordinator position, freelance writing, and most recently self-starting an LLC to deliver marketing and content writing services to an array of clients.


Ryan is creative and offers the ability to take any task start to finish while meeting deadlines and producing solutions to any problem along the way. Ryan has experience writing the spectrum of content including blogs, articles, white papers, PR, marketing/advertising copy, website copy, writing for newsletters, and more.


When working at a small agency, Ryan developed skills in every facet of the marketing industry. Ryan has been tasked with completing objectives, as well as planning marketing strategy, and managing projects/clients. Ryan creates marketing plans, develops email newsletters, plans/posts social media, creates/edits Wordpress websites, plans/promotes events/restaurant openings, reports news, conducts interviews, and communicates clearly with coworkers/sub-contractors/clients.


Ryan has a do-it-yourself attitude but asks questions and researches information to ensure he completes any assigned task properly. Ryan wants to succeed and will do what it takes to make that happen. 

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